Patterns - Controlling, Manipulating, Undermining, Disempowering or just being very Difficult

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What is CMUD?

Just a short code to help you see more clearly when people are trying to:
Control you                            

Manipulate you                            M

Undermine or Unbalance you              U

Disempower you                                      D

or are just being very Difficult)                      + D

The answer is to use a stronger GRIPP

Just another short code to help remind you of how you can protect yourself from CMUD slingers.

Stay in your Grown up place              GR

Connect to your Powerful Inside Me skills          I

Use your Personal power to Protect yourself          PP

Click  here

Get a better GRIPP

Your powerful Inside Me  “I” skills

CMUD slingers don’t know how to use these skills. You do.

Use Your Imagination, Initiative, Intuition, Empathy,  Innovation, Inspiration, Illumination, Innate-understanding, Inventing, Intangible thoughts, Impartial Ideas, Incentive, Impulse, Instinct,  and of course Integration.

Vital Understandings

* People who feel they have to control others using CMUD are driven by a critical fear. Hidden inside them is a child-like sense of shame and insecurity, about not being able to control enough.  “If people can't control their own emotions, then they have to try to control other people's behavior.”    …..       Robin Skynner

* They fling CMUD to hide their own fear and shame. Like a frightened kid, even if it doesn’t work the first three times they just try harder the next time. The more practice they get the more skilled they are at CMUD slinging. Their aim becomes incredibly accurate.

* Grown-ups don’t fling CMUD. Someone may  look and sound like a grown up but if they are flinging CMUD it’s a clear sign their emotional maturity is very weak or missing.

* If you’re still being controlled or manipulated too much it’s because you are giving too much power away to these scared people.

* If you are giving too much power away then you are also sending out highly visible signals that tell CMUD people exactly what you’re willing to do to help them control you. (They just love that!)

* There  are many different kinds of CMUD Get to know them all

* CMUD only sticks if you allow it to get inside you (use your  GRIPP shield)

* You can’t chuck CMUD  back but you can deflect it

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