Patterns - Controlling, Manipulating, Undermining, Disempowering or just being very Difficult

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Protect Yourself  from People who try to Control, Manipulate, Undermine or Disempower you.

They sling CMUD

Your Personal Power is the Key to stop People Slinging CMUD at you

1. Look  into the heart of what’s really going on -  Front line and Background

At the start, at the front line of every move, every CMUD issue, are the same questions.

* What  Emotional Age EA are you in now?

*  What EA are other people in now?

In the background  For every move, every CMUD action, there are Power and Control issues to be looked at, measured and understood.

2. What kinds of CMUD are you facing? Take an Inventory

So many different Kinds of CMUD and so many different kinds of people who sling it. Which kind are you facing?

3. Protect yourself from CMUD

Nobody else can do it for you.  Get a Better GRIPPP (A code to protect yourself from CMUD slingers).

4. Understand more about Power and Control - Keep testing all the time

Are you facing real power? Pinched Power? Or only Pretend and Fake Power?

Keep Measuring and Testing and Questioning Power and Control - theirs and yours

5. Choose Where Your best  Personal Power comes from.

Discover which individual Personal Power Processes PPPP, work best for you, the ones you like most.

Practice yours every day.

6. Balance Your Polarised Opposites

Unbalanced sub personalities cause so many problems. You have the power to balancen even the most polarised opposite ones.

7. What might be stopping your PPPP working at 100%

Are you giving too much of your PPPP away?

Learn to limit that?